Sheena's PPCM


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Sheena Terrell;

Date Diagnosed :7/22/2013

Inital EF :40

Current EF :50

Pregnacy Number :2

It started with my 2nd pregnancy. I knew I would have alittle trouble with my pregnancy because I had gestational diabeties with my first. Of course I developed gestational diabeties again, but it was harder to maintain. Then I gained a lot of water weight and my doctor never said he had concerns about it. He had been in practice maybe 40 years you think he would have experienced this before, but I  had no warning. I knew my blood pressure was going up and they seemed more concerned about that. My blood pressure was why they decided to give a c-section 2 weeks early. My daughter was a healthy 11lbs. 2.9oz 21 inches long. She looke like she had water weight on her too. i don't remeber if my BP was any better when we were released 4 days after birth, but the next day at home i was misserable. I couldn't sleep towards the end of the pregnacy anyway. I couldn't sleep back at home because every time I breathed I  heard a whistling in my ear. It drove me nuts! I was tired and couldn't breath so my family took me back to the hospital. They started giving me lasix to get the water weight off. That was Friday night when i went back to the hospital. They didn't start running tests on  me until Sunday morning when I started complaing I was congested. Finally Monday morning I had an answer PPCM. They started me on meds and got me regulated and went home the next Thursday. I have remained on my meds since then. I have recovered slowly. After my last EF reading I have started excerising and watching what I eat. I'm not due for another echo until March 2015. It will have to be sooner since I recently found out I am pregnant. I am praying God has his Hand in this one! I need a miracle. I am so scared! So here we go my story continues.

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re: Sheena's PPCM
Thursday, 25 September 2014 by Jeanee Andrewartha

Sheena, keep eating well and exercising and avoid stress. Your EF will probably go up in pregnancy anyway and many women have gone through a post PPCM pregnancy without relapsing. God bless you in your journey, as you think of the wonderful gift of life that grows inside you.


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